Spookhawk Priestess and Brumpo Creepman

by Jewhawk Priestess and Brumpo Beatman

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monthly spook and brump
get ready for ur socks to be sweaty because it's getting scary!



released October 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Jewhawk Priestess and Brumpo Beatman Westfield, New Jersey

two young nudniks sky and noah sometimes joking sometimes not

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I like my girls the way i like my candy, soft in the middle and fun for the whole family
Haha, women
They got my head spinnin
dey love me cuz im winnin
But lets start from the beginning
I was 14 when i had my first love
It was jewhawk in the flesh and nobody comes above

Girls can be so silly but im really silly too
Thats why we are the perfect fit, not saying nothing new
And in west-field born and raised
It took me a hot second to realize that im gay

And the second was so hot that the heat burned my eyebrows off
Seconds turn to years but i promise ill always be soft
Hashtag tender forever
I choose sugar over splender
Cuz my life is real sweet
For real reasons only
Track Name: halloween Eve
halloween eve in your back yard
watching Halloween with Eve in your back yard
tell me all of ur biggest fears
where r u in 20 years
no time for the present cuz honey bun futures near

punkin smashing
moshing thrashing
mischeif night
cans of bud light!
Nah just kidding
I dont drink
love you mom, ha wink wink

The sash ringing, trash singing,
Mash flinging
Flash springing
The c c c crash dinging
*brumpo growling*
Track Name: Our keyboard died and their name was Modest
Light of my life
Fire of my loins
Modest was the only one
The three of us had so much fun

If we got arrested she'd be in jail too
The three of us did some stuff that i couldnt tell u
She told me all her secrets, and i mine to her
Secrets secret are not fun unless they were with her

My honey died on halloween
Suitable for my dark queen
After the first album we were off to big and better things
She'll never understand the magic that she had once bringed
Minor major player in my heart she was a savior
The keys she played could turn girls gay every second everyday
Have u ever heard of a genderqueer piano
Think about it son all signs point to ya NO

Brumpo and modest had a friendship like no other
Like mother son, father daughter, grampa sister brother
He had her on his back for black diamond on the roof
He sacrificed his life her her, got dirt all in his hooves

Now heres the story all about how
Our keyboard got real tossed around
She died on the daily but she never looked as graily
As she did today man my heart is in the trash can
Modest couldnt hold a charge, but her heart was frickin large
Track Name: Spooky Scary!!!
Spooky scary highschool
Legs are hairy uncool
I shaved em quick before gym class
Hoping that jewhawk would pass
But i cried in the shower
And until it all grew back
And now in feelin great and u can shove that up ur ass
Nah im just playing im the kid who gives their shirt right off their back

Spooky scary pain
My rep is down the drain
The girls don't love like they did
Was it something that said?

When i want something real bad, it seems like i cant have it
But i tell my mom i love her sorry its a force of habit
when i find myself in trouble i call ghosts not ghost busters
They help me gather all the courage that my hands can muster

Spooky scary winter
No more summer splinters
The days are getting shorter
But the weeks boil like water
Right stefan?
Wheres stefan!?
Im missing out on christmas.