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Brumpo Beatman and Jewhawk Priestess drop another TASTY DELECTABLE 'bum for all ur hip hop needs and yearns


released August 14, 2015

huge shout out to stop and shop lady without yr batteries i dont know whered we be



all rights reserved


Jewhawk Priestess and Brumpo Beatman Westfield, New Jersey

two young nudniks sky and noah sometimes joking sometimes not

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Track Name: where u been (song for danny)
original jewhawk, we're back
I havent showered since you left home
i miss you, when you are coming home?
throw a dog a bone

i havent washed my hair or washed my feet
im smelling real bad
i have no expectations to meet

i miss you, when r u coming home

yr blond locks, flow in the wind
like a horse
butter scotch would be yr name if you were a horse

i miss you, i wanna talk to yr family
last time i left yr house yr dad was on a porch,
drinking a beer and listening to the black eyed peas
he had a feelin
now im on boom boom pow recording my album
cause its so good

i love you i miss you
stay safe i love you

Track Name: Petroleum Jealousy
"hey sky, what's the meaning of life?"

ballistic human beings with their ears up to the ceilings
listening in on their neighbors thoughts and feelings
make yr mom proud
make yr point loud
astound, once u make ur way
dont go back around
they miss ya?
ill kiss ya
im sorry
my sista
treat yr pets bad that seems elementary
im living on the sun just like im meant to be
boop boop boop boop beep beep beep beep beep beep

look for ur girl, find out shes next to me
i dont know her name i just call her honeybee'
shes nice to me, so so so good to me
she showed me how to change the backround on my phone
now im on the moon whenever i press home

scouring flowering making things cleaner
cant hang past five my moms making deener
its one thing to be inspirational
then red white blue
just white congressional

sorry to real as a realhawk can be
yr visions like cosbys thats no match for me
for now stop begging on yr hands and knees
this is bad for you?
well thinkabout me.