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Brump and Jewie actually worked really hard on this DELECTABLE, FINGER LICKING GOOD album, enjoyoyoyoy


released January 29, 2016

credits: internet bubble noises,
youtube drain sound effect



all rights reserved


Jewhawk Priestess and Brumpo Beatman Westfield, New Jersey

two young nudniks sky and noah sometimes joking sometimes not

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Track Name: Men With Teardrop Tattoos
I was gonna write this song on my school computer but I didn't wanna set the whole classroom on fire
and theres always a whole rigmarole about something on twitter
but I don't have much to say, and im not quick with my fingers

men with teardrop tattoos
teardrops on my new shoes
now my hands are drippin sweat, laces too wet for tying
I made coffe for a man who was permanently crying
and I guess I didn't give him enough sugar or something
but I swear I was sweet didn't roll my eyes or nothing
he reached across the table and people weren't havin that
but I cooled it all off I guess I just inhabit that

and im eating all my friends that I thought weren't very nice
and theyre scratching at my throat with their pitchforks and their knives
my esophagus is monstrous
spitting flipping through documents
trying to assert dominance but bOY UR FEAR IS OBVIOUS
hah, ill just live in opulence, elegance for the hell of it
so work on ur hypothesis im high holy and prosperous
Track Name: Caeser Salad Daze
I used to go swimming every Wednesday
from the time I was 8 until I was thirtain
but one day I hung my suit up on the shelf
and maybe in that moment I lost my sense of self

my instructors name was Caesar yea
he was the best
whether toga, ranch, or bathing suit he was tastefully dressed

yeah me and Caesar, we could swim to no end
through balsamic seas, to 1000 islands

he reassured me endlessly like, im not a joke
he pat me on the back man call it back stroke
I was born to be a rapper I was rapping underwater
if that not freestyle than I shouldn't even bother

isn't copping a feel, the same as breast stroke?
oh u wanna cop a feat. man get those stinkies out NOPE

yeah me and Caesar, we could swim to no end
through balsamic seas, to 1000 islands
Track Name: Who Up
an enigma
a boiling pot of water

and the flame if getting higher and the waters getting hotter and im sorry that theres bubbles but I cant breathe underwater
man u only got 2 setting like ur either on or off
ur body's looking tense have u tried a detox?
ah man keep fronting like ur a hot shot
boy I got 4 settings like my moms crock pot

but enough about slow cookers
a short dress does not mean hooker
but if she was then whats the issue?
someone tell me whats the issue???